About us

TRANSLATORIUM is the only literature and translation festival for now in Ukraine, which is dedicated to literary translation and the International Translator’s Day. In 2020, it will be held for the fourth time and in a new format — online.

Our mission is to promote literature and translation by holding a cultural event in order to contribute to the development of the professional community in general and each person in particular.

During the three days of the Festival — from October 2 to October 4 — we will hold about 15 online events: lectures, readings, literary translation workshops, professional discussions, and informal meetings. Among the participants will be well-known translators, writers, publishers, and cultural managers.

Each day of the Festival will be capped by the varied evening program including the projects that work on the border of different arts, in particular music and literature.

The Festival is organized by the VERBatsiya translation group and activists from Khmelnytskyi and Kyiv.

The events are available on the festival’s Facebook page.


Tania Rodionova

festival director

Yulia Didokha

program curator

Veronika Yadukha

program curator

Kseniia Kosiuk

festival PR expert

Dzvinka Pinchuk

festival coordinator

Maryna Dubyna

festival administrator


Yurii Andrukhovych

poet, novelist, essayist, translator

Hanna Uliura

literary critic, literary historian, PhD in Philology

Mark Bielorusets


Ostap Slyvynskyi

poet, essayist, translator

Haska Shyyan

writer, poet, translator


text group


October 2
Introduction to the festival.
Online walk through Khmelnytskyi with Iryna Saviuk and Oleksii Chupa.
The form and the sense in conflict: an intransigent contract. A lecture by Hanna Uliura.
Online walk through Khmelnytskyi with Iryna Saviuk and Oleksii Chupa.
New form. 3D poetry. A workshop by Aleksandr Zapol (Latvia). Registration only.
Register (by September 30).
Online walk through Khmelnytskyi with Iryna Saviuk and Oleksii Chupa.
The form of the text: save cannot change. A talk between Yurii Andrukhovych and Dariya Pavlešen (Ukraine - Croatia), moderated by Roman Malynovskyi.
October 3
Morning coffee with translator Olena Sheremet. Moderated by Dzvinka Pinchuk.
The formula of poetic translation or how to save the form without losing the sense. A workshop by Ostap Slyvynskyi. Registration only.
Register (by September 24).
Based on a true story: developing a board game about a translators’ life. A presentation by Translators in Action: Polina Horodyska, Oleksandra Hryhorenko, Maryna Dubyna, Oleksandra Khmarna.
Celan 100. The author’s poetic form. Poetic reading and talk with Mark Bielorusets. Moderated by Tania Rodionova.
Motopoiesis performance by the Orbita text group (Latvia).
October 4
Morning coffee with translator Andrii Bondar. Moderated by Olena Huseinova.
Transparent Translator, an interactive presentation by Maksym Nestelieiev. Showing the translators’ work live in real time.
City of translators — spaces of translators. A talk with translators Nelia Vakhovska, Roksoliana Sviato, Claudia Dathe (Germany). Moderated by Veronika Yadukha.
coVIdРШІ. A music and text project by Haska Shyyan and Andrii Kyrychenko.