About us

TRANSLATORIUM is the only literary and translation festival for now in Ukraine, which is dedicated to literary translation and the International Translator’s Day. Since 2017, it has been annually held in Khmelnytskyi in late September — early October.

Our mission is to promote literature and translation by holding a cultural event in order to contribute to the development of the professional community in general and each person in particular.

The Festival is organized by the VERBatsiya translation group and activists from Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

Every year the Festival chooses a new theme, according to which our curators develop the events and special projects. During the three days of the Festival we hold more than 20 events: lectures, readings, literary translation workshops, professional discussions, and informal meetings. Among our participants are well-known translators, writers, publishers, and cultural managers from Ukraine and abroad. The program is complemented by the projects that work on the border of different arts, in particular music and literature, literature and visual art, etc. Because we consider translation to be not only a process of reproducing text in different languages, but also of transferring and comprehending senses in different sign systems.

In 2022, the team decided to take a break and cancel the Festival, but we don’t suspend our activities. We continue to work with and for the translation community, creating separate projects that are relevant in the context of today’s events: we hold meetings for translators in different cities, organize various public cultural events, and plan to create a residency for translators.

We are currently working on a volunteer basis, but all the funds we have raised go to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the needs of Ukrainians who suffered from the Russian-Ukrainian war.


Tania Rodionova

festival director

Yulia Didokha

program curator

Veronika Yadukha

art projects curator

Dzvinka Pinchuk

festival coordinator

Maryna Dubyna

side projects coordinator

Євген Бойко

Yevhen Boiko

grant manager

Надія Куриляк

Nadiia Kuryliak

press secretary

Аліна Герасименко

Alina Herasymenko

volunteers coordinator


Yurii Andrukhovych

poet, novelist, essayist, translator

Mark Bielorusets


Ostap Slyvynskyi

poet, essayist, translator

Polina Horodyska

member of the Translators in Action initiative group

Roman Malynovskyi

writer, publisher

Олександр Заполь

Semyon Khanin

poet, translator


October 1
Opening of the festival and presentation of the mural. Participants: Tania Rodionova, Bohdana Davydiuk, Veronika Yadukha, Tetiana Shadurska, Artem Romasiukov, Tamara Tanchuk.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Library for Youth
How does space influence the work of translators? A talk about literary residences. Participants: Tetiana Pylypchuk, Yurii Matevoshchuk, Tania Rodionova.
Art courtyard
Discussion "The right to space in the film: dubbing vs original sound". Participants: Olena Liubenko, Oleksa Nehrebetskyi. Moderated by Yulia Didokha.
Khmelnytsky Regional Library for Youth
Lithuania — Ukraine. Poetry readings within the translation workshop. Participants: Ramune Brundzaite, Indre Valantinaite, Ella Yevtushenko, Daryna Hladun. Supported by the Lithuanian Culture Institute.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
Belarus — Ukraine. Discovering literature through the environment of protest. Participants: Ales Plotka, Lesyk Panasiuk, Daryna Hladun. Moderated by Anaid Agadjanova. Supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
Translation space, city space. Presentation of the book by Sherwood Anderson “Winesburg, Ohio”. Participants: Borys Previr, Roman Malynovskyi. Moderated by Veronika Yadukha.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
Pyrih I Batih: classical poets in a modern musical format. Quiet version
Monotheater "KUT"
October 2
Morning coffee with translator Ostap Slyvynskyi. Moderated by Dzvinka Pinchuk.
HOME by Feelin’good coffee house
Virtuous plagiarism: how translations by Ivan Franko became author's texts. Lecture by Ostap Ukrainets on the occasion of the 165th anniversary of the writer and translator.
Khmelnytsky Regional Library for Youth
ТTheatrical translation. Anna Halas workshop on the material of Brian Friel's play "Translations". Seats are limited.
OLA Language School
SWEET DONATS. Audio walk through Khmelnytskyi banners by Dima Levytskyi. Seats are limited.
Area in front of the Kut monotheatre
Translators in Action. Presentation of the research of translators rights defence in Ukraine "Untranslatable responsibility" by Polina Horodyska.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
That is. Talk about poetry and translations. Participants: Semion Khanin (Latvia), Ostap Slyvynskyi. Supported by the Latvian Literature.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
“Amadoka” in the language of modern academic music. A concert based on the novel by Sofia Andrukhovych and a conversation with the author. Participants: Maksym Kolomiets, Albert Saprykin, Borys Loginov, Olena Antonik, Orest Smovzh, Yurii Nemyrovskyi, Nazar Stets, Elza Zherebchuk, Maria Khylko, Sofia Andrukhovych.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Philharmonic
October 3
Morning coffee with translator Khrystyna Mykhailiuk. Moderated by Tania Rodionova.
HOME by Feelin’good coffee house
Game “TranslationReality” by the Translators in Action initiative. Seats are limited.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Universal Scientific Library
Swiss German-language poetry in the space of Ukrainian and Russian translation. Participants: Mark Belorusets, Petro Rykhlo. Moderated by Eugenia Lopata. Supported by the Swiss Embassy in Ukraine.
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
SWEET DONATS. Audiotour on signboards by Dima Levytskyi. Number of seats is limited.
Area in front of the Kut monotheater
Shakespear in Ukrainian. A conversation with Yurii Andrukhovych about new translation of "The tragedy of King Lear"
Khmelnytskyi Regional Art Museum
Drunken Boat: conversation with Mirek Bodnar and Khrystyna Mykhailiuk about the publication of anderground literature. Maderated by Roman Malynovskyi.
Bar Sympatia
Poetry DJ set. Participants: Mykhailo Zharzhailo, Anna Hruver, Henyk Beliakov, Ana More + SMPT DJ School
Bar Sympatia